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Scott Taylor

26/05/84 - 21/03/22

On the 21st March 2022, we lost our beautiful son, father, brother, nephew and friend to suicide. The savage brutality of suicide had an immense impact on us as it left a gaping wound in our hearts and a million and one questions as to why he chose to end his life.

Scott was always a happy chappie but we were completely unaware that he was struggling with his mental health - he hid it well !

After losing Scott, we did not want any other family to suffer the devastating agony that suicide inflicts and so we decided to walk side by side with any man in crisis to prevent suicide and raise awareness.

Tartan Talkers was born when Scott's life ended but Tartan Talkers is for every family who has lost a loved one to suicide and for every man who is needing help to see him through an emotional crisis - we will walk beside you.

We are a Scottish based Male Suicide Awareness Group. Our mission is to save lives and although we are still in the process of setting up , we would appreciate your help by liking and sharing our page.

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