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about TartaN Talkers

Who are We ?

Tartan Talkers was basically born the day we lost our beloved laddie to suicide.

Scott Taylor was in the prime of his life, a hard working plumber and a doting dad to his only child Lucas.

Scott was adored by his mum, dad, sister Shannon, extended family, friends and his soul mate Claire L.  He was the life and soul of family get-togethers but none of us were aware of the mental health issues he hid so well.

Mental Health stole our boy and we were determined no other family would have to suffer the brutality of suicide, so Tartan Talkers was launched.

We are just ordinary people, trying to help ordinary people who are at a low ebb and need a wee bit support.

We have all experienced stress, anxiety, worry and sometimes we get lost in the darkness. We pretend we are ok but nothing could be further from the truth. We are not ok and we must stop pretending we are because,  Nae problem is worth yer life.

We are trained in peer to peer and suicide awareness because we believe that, 'That one conversation could make the difference between life and death.'

Ye know where we are if ye need tae speek. 

Tartan Talkers was created in memory of Scott Taylor - Cowdenbeath
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